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  • 05-08th of May 2016

    Castle Wilhelmsthal,


    14-16th of May 2016

    Castle Eyrichshof/Ebern, near Bamberg 

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the Origins

The Jaipuri Razai quilt is handmade in Rajasthan, a region in India which is known for its extreme climates. Hot during the day & bitterly cold at night. The locals need something to protect themselves at night, but also something they can cover with during the day, & is light in weight. Thus overtime, the local craftsmen have developed special techniques that makes the quilts exceptionally light yet wonderfully warm and durable.


All Jaipuri Razai Quilts are hand made from block-printed cotton voile fabric. The panels are filled with finely combed cotton and quilted in a close running stitch. Then they are colored with the traditional method of block printing. Wooden blocks in different designs, colored with natural dyes, are printed on the fabric. In this way, patterns are set
into an artistic expression
. Each quilt is made individually and holds the soul of the artisan.